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Hawkeyes Mic: Hawkeyes – Gophers Hognostications (11/15/19)

The Hawkeyes Mic picks are in for the Iowa – Minnesota game. And once again it’s not unanimous. Check them out – see if you agree or disagree. P.S.: When the Bronze Pig is at stake, mere prognostications are not sufficient – they must and will continue to be Hognostications.

Scott Dochterman – Iowa 27-21:

This little piggy went to market.

This little piggy stayed home.

The end.

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Steve Batterson – Iowa 24-21:

Ask Michigan in 2016.

Ask Ohio State in 2017.

Kinnick Stadium is where dreams come to die.

Minnesota has made great strides in its third season under P.J. Fleck and there won’t be anything easy about this battle for Floyd of Rosedale, but with an Iowa defense angry about giving up 300 yards on the ground last week at Wisconsin expect the Golden Gophers’ offense to face its stiffest challenge.

Iowa, at home, finds a way to hold onto the pig for a fifth straight year and hand Minnesota its first loss of the season.

The Quad City Times

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John Bohnenkamp – Iowa 23-20:

I keep picking the Hawkeyes every week. I’ll do it again – because it’s November and they always find a way to be spoilers.

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Brendan Stiles – Minnesota 27-20:

I anticipated Minnesota coming to Kinnick this week with no worse than a 7-2 record, and as it turns out, the Gophers are 9-0. I have a feeling they make it 10-0 and end their Kinnick drought, mainly because Minnesota has the best combo of playmakers at the skill positions Iowa will have seen all year, and it will put up enough points against the Hawkeyes that I’m not sure Iowa has enough firepower to keep up.

My one key for the Hawkeyes to prove me wrong is this – they have a chance if they can punch Minnesota in the mouth from the get-go and force the Gophers into facing some adversity in what should be the most challenging environment they have played in to date.

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John Patchett – Iowa 24-17:

Iowa has played nine games this season – I’ve predicted seven of them correctly. I could go either way in the tussle for Floyd.

I think there are a lot of signs that point to a Hawkeyes win on Saturday at Kinnick – tangible and intangible. But the biggest question remains Iowa’s stuck-in-the-mud Offense that looks more and more like it is better suited for playing in the 1990s than 2019. It’s increasingly hard for anyone to justify the outmoded scheme. And Brian Ferentz wouldn’t get particularly high marks in his year-end performance review at this point either – at least from any unbiased source. But I digress…

I think Iowa’s Defense is going to be on fire after the Mess in Madison. And, once again, ultimately I think that will make the difference. Even with an Offense that has scored just 22 touchdowns the entire season. Iowa fans can only hope Brian learned something in the 4th Quarter at Camp Randall Stadium. Maybe…

You can only hope – for Floyd’s sake. I don’t think hogs are very good at rowing boats.

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Tyler Tjelmeland – Iowa 27-13:

Are the Gophers the real deal? It certainly looked that way last week when they beat Penn State. I’m not completely buying it. Minnesota hasn’t beaten Iowa in  Iowa City for 20 years, and I see that trend continuing.

Hawkeyes will be able to run the ball effectively, and the turnover margin should favor them as well. Boat sinks here.

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Jack Brandsgard – Iowa 20-17:  

I don’t understand why Iowa fans are so frustrated after losing to three teams it was supposed to lose to. Most people pegged Iowa for either eight or nine wins before the season, with some optimists going as high as ten wins. All of those outcomes are still on the table, and it starts with this week’s showdown against a surprising Minnesota team.

Iowa ranks fourth in the nation by allowing just 11.7 points per game, and I think the defense keeps the Hawkeyes in the game while the offense scrapes out enough points for the win. This is a fork in the road game for Iowa, and I think it heads down the right path at the behest of the home fans.

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